The Nameless Wanderer

Titles The Nameless Wanderer
True Name None
Portfolio Travel, Knowledge, Humans, Canines
Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Knowledge, Life, Nature
Symbol No unified symbol
Origin Unknown

The Earth (wife)

The Watchful Champion (daughter)

The Ever-Burning Crusader (son)

Realm None
Cult The Never-Resting

On the Travels of a Nameless Wanderer

The Oldwood Stave

The Shard

Tha Nameless Wanderer is a deity of great power, said to be among the oldest beings in existence. Official doctrine holds he existed in the Time Before, and he is known to have been a primary figure in the Godswar. As a being possessing no True Name, he is fully immortal, and is known to be able to override some of the usual rules of reality. It is unknown what part, if any, he played in the Diablo-Angelic War. His closest known companion is The Hound.

Unlike most deities, the Wanderer does not rule over his own plane of existence. Rather, he (apparently aimlessly) travels around the Material Plane disguised as an ordinary human. He rarely makes use of his power, instead limiting himself to what is possible for a relatively fit human. When he does use his godly power, it often seems random or trivial. He is known to ignore major world events, letting them pass by without interference, but often meddles in the affairs of small villages or gives small blessings to kind passers-by. He despises bandits, brigands, and other criminals, and those who attempt to waylay him die swiftly. Particularly vile offenders have even been Erased. For this reason, it is considered common wisdom that one should be kind to any lone traveler with a dog.

The Nameless Wanderer

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